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Queer Community Gathering

The first Princeton Pride Parade was a phenomenal gathering. What an amazing & energizing day!  As all of us at the Bayard Rustin Center for Social Justice were organizing this event, we often heard Princeton residents & others in the area state that they would love to see a group come together as a dedicated community sharing  support for fellow LGBTQIA folks, as well as for socializing, strategizing for action, & so much more.

We hope now to move forward from our grand event to create such a collective. Carol Watchler, not only our Center’s Community Outreach Coordinator but our resident lesbian feminist activist, is all at once excited & inspired to help be a conduit for this to happen. As Carol espouses, “! have always found it to be a great source of solace & strength to engage with like-minded individuals who identify similarly as myself & wish to share this journey.” 

Together, we can gather a group of caring folks – to tell our stories, hold dances, movie nights, potlucks, developing LGBTQ+ special interest groups as offshoots of the larger group – whatever the community may want or need. We’re reaching out to a core group of people who love organizing, who have made their voices heard, or simply individuals who have inspired us during our time here, to start this important & necessary journey in and for our community & to get our thoughts together to envision a powerful kick-off for this idea while the energy & enthusiasm is running high.