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Widening the Welcome @ Christ Congregation

  • christ congregation of princeton (map)

Please join the Bayard Rustin Center for Social Justice as we continue our inspirational collaboration with Christ Congregation Princeton as part of their "Widening the Welcome"~
Every 1st Sunday of the month, as Pastor Alexis Fuller-Wright welcomes a member from our beautifully diverse communities to share with the congregation to help us all become better allies (& there's a yummy potluck as well!)
This day, River Mariman will be sharing with us.
River is an 18 year old born & raised Princetonite. He has always loved & been a part of this community. He decided to take time off after graduating from high school & rather than going to college, he spends his time working at Small World, making art, writing, reading, amongst many other things. He is also a trans & openly queer man who came out halfway through high school. Since coming out he has always been passionate about advocating for himself & his trans community as much as he could. He hopes to utilize the Bayard Rustin Center for Social Justice as a catalyst for educating people further & seeing more positive change in favor of the trans community come about in this town, this country, & anywhere we can spread our positivity together.