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Bayard Rustin was the primary architect of the March on Washington in ’63. He brought the principle of non-violence to the civil rights movement, directly from his study in India with Mahatma Gandhi. He inspired the Freedom Riders to take their fateful/faith-full journey.

Bayard Rustin was also lost to history.
He was shamed & shunned because of a simple heartbreaking truth: He was a gay man & he would not disavow who he was or whom he loved. He was not only not given his due respect, but he was not given the basic kindness that we all deserve.
This cannot & will not happen again.
We are so incredibly proud to have received the honor of using Bayard Rustin's name directly from his partner, Mr. Walter Naegle.

We plan to inspire our community & communicate our message of acceptance, respect & compassion by following the examples of both these fine men.

The Bayard Rustin Center for Social Justice
is a community activist center
educational enclave & safe-space
for our LGBTQIA kids, our intersectional families &
all of our beautifully diverse communities.

We need to teach in the classroom, inspire in the streets & be a force in our communities. 
We need a place where all can come & move forward together-
galvanizing each other to be & to do our best, to be our most loving & most understanding selves, both individually & collectively. 

We need an environment wherein kids (& adults) will learn & indeed be inspired to be our future leaders, imbued with a strong sense of community, spirituality & compassion.

To that end, the Bayard Rustin Center for Social Justice will provide a safe haven & an educational enclave for all our students as well as our entire community. 

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Walter Naegle & Chief Activist Robt Seda-Schreiber celebrate Bayard Rustin’s birthday @ BRCSJ HQ 2019.

Walter Naegle & Chief Activist Robt Seda-Schreiber celebrate Bayard Rustin’s birthday @ BRCSJ HQ 2019.