Social Justice Activism is in my blood & imprinted on my soul. I was named for a Kennedy & a King. I marched on DC in the womb & I’ve followed the path ever since. My boots have always been on the ground, both literally & figuratively. 

I taught for almost 25 years at the same school I attended as a student~ community means the world to me, again both literally & figuratively. 

Activism cannot & should not exist without education & the converse is even more true. The classrooms are the true frontlines of the revolution.
I put this ideal into creative & concrete practice every day & indeed throughout my over twenty-five year career: 

· Forging our school’s Gay Straight Alliance, the first such in a middle school in New Jersey & that has since served as an exemplar for so many others; 

· Creating a mural outreach program whereby students painted inspirational & aspirational artwork both in our hallways & for local charitable organizations; 

· Writing & directing plays in collaboration with my students that addressed social, cultural & political issues; 

· Serving in my local community on the Mercer County Human & Civil Rights Committee & on the world stage as a Fulbright MF Scholar to Japan; 

· & in my classroom of course wherein I taught & modeled the idea & ideal of the intersection of art & awareness, of creativity & activism.

After 25 years in the classroom & upon winning the NEA Social Justice Activist of the Year, I decided to move forward with my experience, my knowledge, & my passion, to bring my service to a greater platform—
to serve & defend our community. 
I want every individual- whether it be in a school, in a workplace, or in everyday life- to feel safe, to feel protected, to be respected, & indeed to feel & to be loved...
& that is why I founded the
Bayard Rustin Center for Social Justice.

Bona Fides:

  • Awarded NEA Social Justice Activist of the Year, 2017

  • Keynote speaker at NEA Conference on Racial & Social Justice 

  • Speaker on LGBTQIA rights at NJEA Minority Leadership & Recruitment Conference

  • Formation & guidance of multiple
    Gay Straight Alliance’s, both local & national

  • Senate Proclamations, 2003; 2017

  • Kenneth Cole Courageous Class, 2016

  • New Jersey State Champion of Equality, 2014

  • Teacher Who Makes Magic, 2014

  • Fulbright MF Scholar to Japan, 2005

  • Princeton University Teacher as Scholar, 2005

  • East Windsor Regional School District
    Teacher of the Year, 2004

  • Created mural program, Kreps Middle School, 2003-2017

  • Founded & ran The Creatures of Awareness Theatre Co., a non-profit community theatre group which raised over $10,000 for AIDS foundations & support groups, 1989-1994

  • In addition to the above, as an artist & activist, I continued whilst teaching into present day to create many works of art, the vast majority of which were in the form of donations for various causes & organizations in which I believe & want to support. 

o  Some examples of such can be seen aquí:  

Very Secret Monster Things

Chief Activist Robt Seda-Schreiber of the Bayard Rustin Center for Social Justice
boots on the ground @ the Women's March-
Representing with Angela Davis in Washington DC, baby!

What I’ve done tho’,
nothing compared to what I’m gonna’ do…

aka Robert Seda-Schreiber