The BRCSJ has been hittin' the streets doing our good works,
representing both locally & nationally as we work toward establishing our concrete HQ. Our being of service has culminated in tremendous & truly unexpected successes & these are only some highlights thereof:

  • Fighting to have many Gay Straight Alliances established~
    SUCCESSFULLY in a Perth Amboy middle school; 
    after many months of struggle & strife, these beautiful kids had their first meeting in early April! PRESENTLY, We are still engaged & will keep fighting for three more GSA's wherein the school districts are being very resistant but we will persevere. We have the law & simply what is right & just on our side!

Bayard & Walter.jpg
  • Proudly received the honor of using Bayard Rustin's name directly from his partner, Mr. Walter Naegle. 

Art=Change @ Ellarslie w: Robt Seda-Schreiber5.JPG
  • Taught "Art=Change" workshops at Ellarslie in the Trenton city museum. This was a wonderful gathering of K-5 students who very much took to the idea of Social Change thru Art, creating inspiring works & communicating their hopes & ideals for the future. Thanks to Meagan Impellizzeri & the Ellarslie for their belief in our message & their support of our vision!

  • Helped a transgender student transition from elementary to middle school by advising & directing school administrators, guidance counselors & teachers on best practices, leading to district-wide change of policy & implementation of training for entire staff & greater community regarding gender identity.

  • Spoke at Princeton University featured as part of La Convivencia's
    Social Justice & Interfaith Leadership Conference

  • Represented at a "No Dream Deferred" DACA Rally during the statewide "Day of Action" wherein Dreamers & Allies took back the day! Muchas gracias to our wonderful friends at LALDEF for organizing & allowing us to be a small part of this action.

  • Shared our organizing skills & outreach in a drive to name an elementary school in Rockville, MD. after Mr. Bayard Rustin. an ugly battle that saw much thinly-veiled homophobia & hatred but culminated in our success of the honorific being bestowed by the school board.
    Further it has inspired us in a greater capacity to work with the parent who spearheaded the campaign to create a nationwide campaign to name other schools across the country for deserving & under-recognized folks in the LGBTQIA community.

  • Moderated the Trans Youth Forum. This was a truly & wonderfully inspirational event as Chief Activist Robt Seda-Schreiber moderated for both the Educators' Track & the Parent-Child panels. The BRCSJ was proud to represent & bring our message of much love & respect to these dynamic young folks & their incredible families! 
    "United We Fight, Together We Rise!" 

  • commemorated the Day of Silence by celebrating the Breaking of the Silence at middle school wherein we helped to found a GSA... 
    So beautiful to see the seeds of equality we sow bear such glorious fruit!

  • Getting our hands dirty, LITERALLY, teaching & modeling food education & sustainable environment training with shull middle school's GARDENING CLUB.

  • riding our inaugural float at Jersey Pride 2018 - the 27th Annual LGBTI Pride Parade & festival~ Seeing our kids feeling safe, respected & loved in that big ol' rainbow embrace of a day, some for the first time, was a fabulous sight to behold indeed & we were thrilled to allow them this significant moment in their lives! "Got to be real" indeed...


  • Celebrating one of the GSA's we started @ their first (& fabulous!) 
    Queer Runway Extravaganza!

& we are proud to announce that we will be
co-sponsoring with

GLSEN Central NJ, this year's GSA FORUM


& this is all before we have even set foot in our actual Center.
Imagine what we will accomplish when our dreams literally have concrete foundations...