What We can do for you

Consultants / Speakers / Activists/ Educators
for Social Justice

We offer our services, both personally & professionally, to both individuals & groups to help every person- whether it be in a school, in a workplace, or in everyday life- feel safe, feel protected, & indeed feel loved.

We will do our good works for a fee-
a simple donation to the BRCSJ, obviously on a sliding scale, each to their own abilities, & as for other non-profits, we are happy to arrange a donation in kind.

We will be for you & for all who will listen a
voice for the voiceless, a friend to the friendless~ 
protecting, respecting & loving all our folks: 
LGBTQIA; immigrant families; our brothers & sisters from all economic, cultural, & spiritual backgrounds: community members of every color, gender (or lack thereof), religion (or lack thereof), national origin, & physical or mental abilities... 
those who are marginalized, forgotten, bullied or otherwise underserved by the present systems in place.

Our being of service includes
but is certainly not limited to:

  • informational/Inspirational Speaking to groups large & small in corporate, education, & not-for-profit settings.

  • Individual mentoring & guidance for youth, adults, students, educators, employees, employers, activists, elected officials, & changemakers.
    Special consideration for students/families in need.

  • Business development of best practices regarding gender identity, Racial & social justice, inclusivity, recognition & respect for all in the workplace.

  • Professional development for teachers, staff & administration.

  • Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) development, implementation & Support.

  • Student advocacy, school board/district policy review, & fighting for rights & protection for all- in the school setting & in the home.

  • Either performing existing plays or Writing, producing, & directing original theatrical pieces to raise awareness & empowerment.

  • Creating art pieces/murals, either with participation from students/community members or of our own volition,  thematically linked to Social & Racial Justice.

  • Writing & implementing curricula, proposals, human resources tools, workplace guidelines, position papers, organization manuals, & workbooks.

Please let us know how we can be of service to you. 
We are available locally, nationally
& indeed internationally. 
Have Social Justice, Will Travel! 

Call our Chief Activist Robt Seda-Schreiber @ 609-273-1650
or use handy-dandy form below~

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The proof that one truly believes is in action.
— Bayard Rustin